The Risks of Smoking on your Dental Health

Effects of smoking on your teeth

  1. Discoloring
  2. Bleeding
  3. Harden plaque
  4. Tooth decay
  5. Dry mouth
  6. Loss of teeth
  7. Higher need for root canals

Smokers are 64.2 percent more likely to develop gum disease than non-smokers. More than 40 percent of all periodontal disease in the United States is attributable to smoking. The problem develops when bacteria in the mouth build up in the gum, or soft tissue surrounding the teeth.

The gums become inflamed, and soon periodontal disease develops.

Special Dental Care for Smokers

If you haven’t quit smoking yet, here are a few dental tips that can help address your dental hygiene problems:

  • Use mouthwash religiously. You want to pick a strong formula that will zap bacteria. You also want to make sure you swish for at least 60 seconds to kill as many bacteria as possible.
  • Floss every day. Flossing is one of those habits that can quickly go out the window when you’re tired, or if you’ve had a long day, and you’re dying to crawl into bed. But flossing is especially vital for smokers, as it’s an effective way to avoid the buildup of calculus on teeth. If you notice a lot of bleeding as you floss, it could be a sign of early periodontal disease.
  • Have your tongue and gums checked closely at your dental appointments. Let your dentist and hygienist know you are a smoker, so they can closely watch for signs of periodontal disease and oral cancer. The quicker you act after detecting something, the greater the chance of catching a serious problem early.

Reverse the Effects of Smoking: Ask Us How

The best thing you can do for your dental health is, of course, to quit smoking. We want to work hard with our patients to restore their dental health through a handful of procedures. If you need to restore your smile, we can preform many services at our office including:

  • Veneers: Veneers may be a good option if smoking has resulted in discolored teeth, but the majority of them are still in place and are structurally sound.
  • Teeth Whitening: Whether you just want to remove a couple of stains on your front teeth, or you want to lighten all of them, Paula Kapec can help you find the right look.
  • Dental Implants: If you have lost teeth due to smoking, your dentist can design dental implants, essentially replacement teeth that replace the root and crown of the tooth that used to be there.

We can help with cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your teeth to their former luster. Contact us to schedule a visit today!