What products do our hygienists love?

Our office is blessed with not one, but two dental hygienists, with a combined experience of over 32 years. We are chatting with one of them today about what dental products they love to use and maybe some they can't stand! 

Jenn Deloye: One of my favorite things about going to the dentist as a little kid was getting that shiny new toothbrush. As an adult, I still get excited when our shipment of new toothbrushes arrives at the office. The other hygienist and I like to change our toothbrush styles that we order for the office a little each order to continue to experiment with the best brush for our patients needs. We have discovered that there are so many variations in brush bristles, bristle stiffness, handle style, and color of toothbrushes. We have actually not ordered certain types of brushes because of the lack of variety in color. It sounds trivial, but households with multiple family members need variations of colors so that brushes don't get mixed up. My absolute favorite toothbrush is the Oral B Complete Advantage Ultra Soft. It comes in a variety of bright fun colors and the bristles really feel great against your gums. The bristles are ultra soft , which some patients shy away from, but believe me, there are so many bristles packed in the brush head it holds it's shape very well. I always prefer a soft brush over a medium any day, the only thing a medium toothbrush is good for is CLEANING TILE. The Listerine Gentle Gum Care floss is one of my most loved products in dentistry. Gum care floss is woven together to be soft and fluffy but easily stretches thin to reach in between tight spaces. I love this floss for my personal use because it doesn't cut into the gums like other flosses can because of it's flexibility. Listerine representatives visit our office once in a while and show us the newest products in their product line. At our last visit, our Listerine rep set up a taste bar for us to try the different rinses. I have been using various mouth-rinses for over 20 years and my latest favorite is Listerine Ultraclean in mint. The Listerine Ultraclean is designed to keep its antibacterial properties longer while in the mouth and keep your breath fresher for longer periods of time. I was skeptical of the claims, but after trying, I was sold! Ultraclean also comes in Citrus flavor for which I was not a big a fan, but to each their own. As far as toothpastes are concerned I am not a lover of over minty pastes. Most toothpastes are mint, spearmint, whitening mint, winter mint....mint, mint, mint! I must have a very sensitive palate because most mint pastes are just too much for me. I prefer a mild paste or Pronamel. Pronamel is designed to help with sensitivity and also rebuild damaged tooth structure. 

     Brace yourself for aisles filled with a plethora of products, and endless amounts of choices when it comes to dental care. A good rule of thumb is to stick to name brands you trust, look for the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval , and ask your dentist and hygienists! On occasion we have samples in our office so that you can try out a product before investing in it.