It's all about the Love

It's all about love the month of February. Candy, red hearts, roses and Hallmark cards litter the stores way after that 14th day goes by. What else hangs around after Valentines day? Love! Till the end of the month our office is celebrating Dental Health Month. We love our patients and this Dental Health Month is all about our love for them and their teeth. If you have been a patient in our office for even a short period of time you know that our office is a little piece of home. Our office believes that feeling at home makes you more comfortable, and being more comfortable means a more pleasant experience.  It doesn't take but a moment inside our lobby to see that our team appreciates the little things. You won't find stock images on our walls of smiles and big teeth, instead you can enjoy our ever changing seasonal decor. We love to make our patients feel peaceful instead of making them feel like they are just another mouth.  

Dental Health month is designed to bring your attention to that all important area of your body... the mouth. Most of us don't think twice about the function of our enamel, lateral incisors, gingiva, or even our occlusion on a daily basis, but as soon as there is a problem with one of these areas it becomes very evident that they exist. It is very important to show your mouth some love by taking care of it. Daily brushing and flossing is imperative to the well being of your teeth and gums,  but let us not forget the gravity of a visit to the dentist. Our hygienists and doctor check several components of your mouth with each exam. We have so much love for your teeth, each tooth  has at least 5 surfaces that are examined at your 6 month check up. That equates to 160 surfaces for each mouth {if you are lucky enough to have all four wisdom teeth}.You can't forget the ever important examining of your dental xrays, your bite, and those precious soft tissues and gums. It's February, so why not make that appointment and pay us a visit? This is one of the best times of the year to be apart of our office. Most insurance carriers have started a new set of benefits as January 1st.  Let's just say you need a little initiative to make that appointment. We are rewarding our patients this month just for having a checkup. At the end of the month, all patients that have had a cleaning appointment will be put into a drawing for a special gift basket from us! We love our patients and love teeth. Can't wait to see you!